GrayFit Training

About Robyn Gray

Coach Robyn is a high-energy trainer that has a passion for youth and sports! Her innovative ways, industry experience and moral fiber give her that advantage over any other trainer in the area. She becomes your family! Gray Fit Training isn’t just a place to go and train, but it’s a lifestyle and a movement you embody.

You will not find another true grit expert trainer like Coach Robyn in the area. She is funny, experienced, compassionate, a believer in God, and creates an excellent training environment that goes beyond the walls of routine training but an exhilarating fitness experience. She has trained some of the top athletes & programs in the country to include US Olympic Gold Medal winner and Baylor Jordyn Oliver, TCU guard Alex Crain, Lady BIQ, Russell Hoops out of London, Texas Dynasty, NBA’s Mo Williams Grind Week, and is a certified USA Gold License coach.