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As a Daughter of Promise, the assets of your inheritance include the promises of God. Your inheritance is a written decree of scripture, declared by the process of your promise. As a daughter of the King, you’ve not only inherited the promises of God but the power of His decree. Through PROMISE, global women’s devotional, Daughters of Promise from around the world bore witness to the manifestation of their inheritance through healing, deliverance, and transformation. Each author tells their story as it happened yet describes the evidence and experience of the presence of the Holy Spirit. This devotional serves as written documentation and substantiation of how God’s promises have come true through some of life’s most strenuous, obscure, questionable, and unexpected places in their lives. PROMISE takes readers on a journey of breaking through to breaking free. Each devotional carries a breaker anointing, where God’s supernatural power breaks the strongholds of bondage in business, health, ministry, faith, healing, mental health, family, marriage, and other life situations through His steadfast and resolute Word. You are the witness to declare the truth of His decree! Remember, a promise is a promise is a promise.
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Meet Robyn Gray

Coach Robyn Gray was born and raised in San Antonio Texas. She is a global traveler and is the owner and operator of Gray Fit Training. She specializes in training young athletes to excel in their specific sport. Her expertise includes training US Olympic Gold Medalist, Professional Athletes and Professional Cheer Leaders. She is also on the South African Mission Leadership team for Concord Church, Dallas, TX where Bryan Carter is her Pastor.